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leek and garlic twist bread lucy nd lentils vegan
cinnamon bun knot
Bread & Dough dessert Recipe

Cinnamon Bun Knots

Cinnamon Knot Bun Recipe Whether you’ve been to Sweden or not, you might have seen their fantastic kardemummabullar knots. Instead of using cardamom (I’m yet to master the balance of this ingredient) I’ve just used a simple cinnamon butter…

tahini and date cinnamon buns
Bread & Dough dessert Recipe

Tahini & Date Syrup Sweet Rolls

Tahini and Date Syrup Filled Rolls Inspired by my trip to Israel, these tahini rolls are an adaptation of the ones we created at Sweet Petite’s Bakery in Tel Aviv. Having never tried halva before, this recipe was a…

za'atar pita recipe vegan
Bread & Dough Lunch & Light Bites Recipe

Za’atar Pita

A Trip To Tel Aviv Inspired by my trip to Israel (with the guys from Vibe Israel) here is a really simple pita recipe, which is topped with the beautiful seasoning za’atar. It’s not often I write about my…

vegan cinnamon buns recipe
Bread & Dough dessert Recipe

Cinnamon Buns

Ingredients: 1 cup oat milk | 250ml  2 ½ cups plain flour | 440g 1/2 cup caster sugar | 100g  1 heaped tsp fast yeast (7-8g) ¼ tsp salt ½ cup  room temperature dairy free margarine (not melted) |100g…

vegan cheese and garlic twist bread recipe
Bread & Dough Recipe

Cheese & Garlic Twist Bread

Ingredients For the dough:  2 1/2 cups strong white bread flour | (350g) 1 tbsp Fast action yeast (7g) 1 tbsp sugar 1 tsp salt 1 cup oat milk | 250ml  *room temperature ¼ cup olive oil | 60ml…

leek and garlic twist bread lucy nd lentils vegan
Bread & Dough Recipe

Garlic and Leek Twist Bread

Garlic and Leek Twist Bread Recipe A savoury take on a light babka bread recipe, but using garlic and leek as the delicious filling. The idea is the bread is served like a pull apart bread served with soups,…

steamed bao bun recipe vegan
Bread & Dough Dinner Recipe

Steamed Fluffy Bao Buns

With De Dietrich Home made bao buns are fluffy, delicious and perfect paired with a crunchy spicy filling, so today I'm sharing a recipe I've tried to make as simple as possible. I'm working with De Dietrich on this…

chocolate & cinnamon babka vegan
Bread & Dough dessert Recipe

Chocolate & Biscoff Babka

I've teamed up with De Dietrich to create a series of vegan recipes to show the abilities of their ovens. With a range of different expert cooking settings, I've explored the 'Bread' setting today, and boy did it deliver....…