Bread & Dough Recipes

za'atar pitas recipe easy and vegan
Bread & Dough Lunch & Light Bites Recipe

Za’atar Pita

Inspired by my trip to Israel (with the guys from Vibe Israel) I've got a really simple pita recipe for you, which is topped with the beautiful seasoning za'atar. It's not often I write about my recipes and the…

garlic and rosemary easy vegan focaccia recipe
Bread & Dough Lunch & Light Bites Recipe

Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia

Ingredients320g strong white bread flour220ml luke warm waterLarge pinch sea salt7g fast yeast3 tbsp olive oil (extra virgin will also work) To top:3 sprigs fresh rosemary roughly chopped to add to the dough’s surface3 large cloves garlic roughly chopped to…

vegan cinnamon buns recipe
Bread & Dough dessert Recipe

Cinnamon Buns

Ingredients: 1 cup oat milk | 250ml  2 ½ cups plain flour | 440g 1/2 cup caster sugar | 100g  1 heaped tsp fast yeast (7-8g) ¼ tsp salt ½ cup  room temperature dairy free margarine (not melted) |100g…

vegan cheese and garlic twist bread recipe
Bread & Dough Recipe

Cheese & Garlic Twist Bread

Ingredients For the dough:  2 1/2 cups strong white bread flour | (350g) 1 tbsp Fast action yeast (7g) 1 tbsp sugar 1 tsp salt 1 cup oat milk | 250ml  *room temperature ¼ cup olive oil | 60ml…

banh mi pizza topping vegan
Bread & Dough Dinner

Banh Mi Pizza

For the base: 500g strong flour 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp salt 1 1/4 tsp yeast 240ml luke warm water ___ Topping ingredients: Pak choi Carrot Spring onions Frozen ginger 1 red & 1 green chilli Handful dairy…

leek and garlic twist bread lucy nd lentils vegan
Bread & Dough Recipe

Garlic and Leek Twist Bread

Method   For the dough:   3 cups plain flour | 400g 1 1/2 tsp Fast action yeast | approx 9g 1 tbsp sugar 1 tsp salt ¾ cup oat milk |210ml  *room temperature ¼ cup olive oil |60ml…

steamed bao bun recipe vegan
Bread & Dough Dinner Recipe

Steamed Fluffy Bao Buns

With De Dietrich Home made bao buns are fluffy, delicious and perfect paired with a crunchy spicy filling, so today I'm sharing a recipe I've tried to make as simple as possible. I'm working with De Dietrich on this…

Savoury Twist Bread
Bread & Dough Recipe

Garlic & Cream Cheese Babka

Ingredients  300g | 2 cups plain flour 120ml | 2 tbsp olive oil  7g sachet instant yeast 160ml | 1 cup + 1 tbsp lukewarm water ½ tsp salt  1 tbsp brown sugar   For the filling 100g vegan…

chocolate swirl bread vegan
Bread & Dough dessert Recipe

Chocolate Swirl Bread

Before you look at the steps and think WOAH, this is a lot of effort for bread, let me assure you, it's incredibly easy! It just takes a little bit of love and a bit of patience and you…

chocolate & cinnamon babka vegan
Bread & Dough dessert Recipe

Chocolate & Biscoff Babka

I've teamed up with De Dietrich to create a series of vegan recipes to show the abilities of their ovens. With a range of different expert cooking settings, I've explored the 'Bread' setting today, and boy did it deliver....…