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    Simple Week Night Soup Recipe

    Ingredients Dried Spices: 2 tsp smoked paprika  1 tsp chipotle flakes  1 tsp chilli flakes  1:2 tsp cinnamon  1 bay leaf  1 tsp sage  Large pinch salt ___ 2 cloves garlic…

  • 4 ingredient breakfast bar recipe

    4 Ingredient Breakfast Bars

    4 Ingredient Breakfast Bars  These breakfast bars are so easy to whip up in a big batch, then pop in the fridge for those moments when you need a pick-me-up.   …

  • Spinach Pesto recipe vegan

    3 Easy Pesto Recipes

    Making my own pesto was always something I thought of a task, especially when I could buy a range of options in jars cutting cost and time... however I have since…

  • tesco everyones welcome

    Everyone’s Welcome This Christmas

    Everyone’s Welcome This is a paid advertorial with Tesco Celebration with abundance Christmas platters are such a great way to celebrate lots of different food at once. From pates to dips…

  • hearty lentil stew

    Hearty Autumn Stew – Potato & Chickpea

    #Goodforyourbowl This is in Advertisement with Birdseye   I’ve teamed up with Birds Eye to show off their range of frozen pulse and bean mixes to create a delicious autumnal recipe.…

  • vegan sticky bao buns

    Do Good Quality Pans Make a Difference?

    Sticky Sesame & Black Bean Tofu with Bao Buns This is a paid collaboration with Circulon Sticky and crispy -  two of my favourite textures for an asian inspired dish of…

  • ras el hanout vegan

    Ras El Hanout Vegan Shakshouka Recipe

    I'm sharing a newly created shakshouka recipe using Ras El Hanout (a beautiful spice blend). I met Tom, the owner of Freshly Spiced a few months ago at my local food…

  • vegan salted caramel tart recipe

    Salted Caramel & Chocolate Tarts

    These salted caramel and chocolate vegan tarts are brilliant to make in preparation as you can freeze them!  I’m not one for baking, so it’s safe to say these salted caramel…