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  • Spring Pea Toast Topping Recipe Easy and Vegan
    Lunch & Light Bites Recipe

    Spring Pea Toast Topping

    Spring Pea Toast Topping Recipe This spring pea toast topping is an easy vegan recipe perfect for the warmer season. The recipe is a great alternative to avocado toast, it’s more…

  • cabbage steaks

    Crispy Cabbage Steaks

    Let’s make Crispy Cabbage Steaks If you’ve been wondering how to make this cheap and overlooked ingredient into a delicious steak, look no further. This plant based recipe is perfect as…

  • easy vegan miso risotto recipe
    Dinner Recipe

    Vegan Miso Risotto

    Let’s Make Vegan Miso Risotto This vegan miso risotto is a match made in heaven. Umami rich in taste and creamy in texture, it’s the perfect comfort food recipe. Naturally plant…

  • caramelised shallot pasta
    Dinner Recipe

    Caramelised Shallot Spicy Pasta

    Let’s Make a Spicy Caramelised Shallot Pasta This spicy but creamy caramelised shallot pasta is an autumn staple. It’s vegan friendly and perfect for a week night dinner. The caramelised shallots…

  • roasted yellow pepper pasta recipe
    Dinner Recipe

    Roasted Yellow Pepper Pasta

    Let’s Make Roasted Yellow Pepper Pasta A creamy and delicious roasted yellow pepper pasta. This sauce is made from yellow peppers which gives a slightly different taste to red peppers. It’s…

  • vegan gochujang gnocchi recipe
    Dinner Recipe

    Gochujang Gnocchi

    Let’s Make Gochujang Gnocchi This gochujang gnocchi is vegan friendly and perfect for a week night dinner. The sauce is really simple and cheap to make and can be made in…

  • harissa beans vegan recipe
    Breakfast Dinner Recipe

    Harissa Beans

    Harissa Beans Vegan Recipe These homemade harissa beans are vegan friendly and cheap to make. Using white beans as they are so creamy, you can also use the stock that comes…

  • thai green curried beans vegan recipe
    Dinner Recipe

    Thai Green Curried Beans

    Let’s Make Thai Green Curried Beans This vegan Thai Green Curried Beans recipe is so easy to make and perfect to use up beans and courgettes. It’s creamy, a little spicy…