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The Face Behind Lucy & Lentils

Lucy and lentils

Hello from the ginger in the kitchen

Hi, I'm Lucy and this blog is my way of sharing all the creations and experiments that come out of my little kitchen. Celebrating the variety of fruit and veg all of my food is vegetarian & vegan. I aim to create dishes to inspire everyone (no matter your dietary requirements or preferences) to simply get inspired and cook up a storm in their own kitchen.

Where it all began 

Living the typical student life and surviving on carbs, cheese and chocolate - the killer combo 😉 - I wanted to challenge myself of exploring new food, learning to cook and getting a little healthier. There isn't a drastic back story or anything different from the most of us..... 

I had obsessed over insta celebrities and their magical diets *cough skinny teas* and got a little caught up in the whole 'clean eating' hashtag but after a little hiccup, I focused my time on just simple but delicious food. No fads, no promises of weight gain or loss, just exploring ways to make veg as sexy and delicious as possible. 



With Instagram and Pinterest feeding my daily inspiration, I can't look past the OG's of the foodie empire such as Deliciously Ella, Nigella and Jamie. Most of my inspiration comes from the lovely friends I have made along the way from doctors to food bloggers to the every day folk like you and me who just love trying new flavours. 


I hope my work can inspire you! There's nothing better than receiving a photo of a messy kitchen, pots and pans all messy with one of my recipes sat bubbling in a pot from someone who has taken the time to make it. 

So please, if you create any of these, it makes my day to see these in your on kitchen. 


Sending lots of love and all the good food!

Lucy xxx

lucy and lentils Italy
Italy Lucy and lentils