About Me

lucy and lentils
lucy and lentils

Hello and first of all thank you for stumbling upon my small space of the internet sharing my favourite recipes, tips and tricks from my small kitchen.

My name is Lucy and I started this idea from my parents kitchen whilst at university. Whilst trying to justify £9k a year on an Interior Architecture degree I thought what better way to spend my time than taking photos of avocado toast on my iPhone. Turns out the photographs of food was more justified than my actual degree, where after only a year in the industry, I decided to follow my heart (albeit rather mental at the time) and jump into the world of food styling and photography.

My days are spent creating recipes (my focus is easy, achievable and not too many ingredients) which I then photograph and share them with my lovely audience via social media. Since then, I've come to work on some really fantastic photography jobs, cooking demos and workshops with the skills I've learnt along the way.

I hope you enjoy making these recipes, and if you are on social media, please feel free to tag me in any of your creations - I absolutely love seeing what you get up to in the kitchen.

Lots of love & lentils,