About Me

lucy and lentils

Ey Up, Hello, Hi

I’m Lucy, I make tasty food made with plants. This wasn’t always the case – throw back to first year at university and my flatmate thought I was burning the flat down whilst ‘cooking’ eggs. Safe to say I was pretty pants at making tasty food, no inspiration, no ideas and no clue.

Fast forward second year of university, I thought ‘right, get your sh*t together gal and get cooking’. So after a scroll on the old instagram, I thought ‘this can’t be too hard?’ and decided to start cooking and taking inspo from other recipe creators. A few months later I started recording what I was making to annoy the hell out of my friends and family. 

I start an instagram….

I started Lucy and Lentils on IG because I thought how original ….  Mostly sharing photos of poached eggs, there was one photo that got shared by THE QUEEN Nigella. After that I started to realise I actually liked this whole process.


A few years later…

After a while learning my way around a camera, trial and error with recipes and food photography I now get to do this full time. So much for that degree in Interior Architecture. Woops.  I’ve swapped out the eggs and focus on plant based recipes.


Follow along…

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re vegan, veggie, flexi or whatever. I hope you find these recipes as a bit of inspiration for your own kitchen. There’s no judgement or claims to my recipes being the perfect diet, I just hope you love to add a few more plant based recipes into your home.