Here you can find all my blog posts, with favourite foods, quick meal ideas, or easy recipes with little ingredients! 



My Favourite Recipes From March

Here are my favourite recipe creations from March. These are vegan friendly and really easy to make as most of these were thrown together as a lunch time preparation or quickly created in the evening after work - I'm all about convenience!



Time Saving Tips For Staying Healthy When Life Gets Busy!

When life gets hectic our diets can feel the brunt of it! Hopefully these tips and snack ideas will help keep you eating healthy whole foods.



 The Ultimate Energy Granola Bars

I love snacking - so much so that I need something that is sweet but full of natural fructose rather than refined sugars you find in so many cereal bars. Take a peek at this recipe for a yummy snack!




Four Favourite Ways To Enjoy Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato

When you can't be bothered to cook, these are a great way to enjoy a delicious meal without the work! Throwing a sweet potato in the oven to bake whilst you catch up on Netflix or pack in a quick workout is my go to 'lazy meal.'




Four Favourite Ways To Enjoy My Sweet Potato & Paprika Patties

Mourish & moist with every mouthfull, these sweet potato patties will keep you munching!



Waitrose Chronicle Magazine Feature

It may not be Vogue, but it's the closest I'll get to being a cover girl!




My Favourite Egg Pictures To Get Your Taste Buds Tingling

Whether its for breakfast, lunch or dinner get some drool worthy inspiration for all you yolk lovers out there.



Two Minute Toast Ideas (All Vegan Friendly!)

I love all things Toast related, so what better so blog about than delicious easy-to-make toast toppings!



My 5 Favourite Ways To Have Banana Pancakes

Who doesn't love Banana Pancakes? Jack John wrote a song about them, that's how good we're talking here! Dairy Free and delicious, take a peak and some of my favourite ways to enjoy them!




The Beginning of Lucy & Lentils

Find out where Lucy & Lentils began, why I do what I do and what makes me want to create yummy food!