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Celebrating 50 Years of Beanz Meanz Heinz

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Beanz Meanz Heinz..... How About Beanz Meanz Lentilz?

Heinz Beans have been touring the UK on their double decker bus to get the nation excited celebrating 50 years of Beanz Meanz Heinz. I was lucky enough to be invited along to their Sheffield event to jump aboard their bus and get my own personalised tin.

All aboard the Beans Bus!

Campaigns like this are great at whipping up excitement and that is exactly what happened with lunchtime workers grabbing a pot. The sun was shining and on the chilly October day there was nothing more comforting than a hot pot of beans to keep you going till tea time.

beanz meanz heinz tin

Add a touch of flare to the humble tin of Heinz Beans

As a recent ex student, Heinz Beans were a cupboard favourite providing an effortless meal whether that was after a day of workshops or to cure a hazy hangover the next day. As I have dared to be more adventurous in the kitchen since my university days, it only seems right to add a touch of flare to the humble tin of Heinz Beans too….. Queue the recipe cards!

beanz meanz heinz pot

Delicious meals don’t need hours of preparation

Heinz Beans have been busy creating recipe cards to inspire you to transform your standard midweek meals and add a bit of excitement - lucky for us, still effortless and easy to produce a perfect outcome every time. This campaign rings true to the message I like to shout about which is nutritious and delicious meals don’t need to take hours of preparation, exclusive ingredients or culinary skills to create, they can be as easy as popping a jacket potato in the oven, adding a few spices to your beans and dusting with fresh spinach and crumbled cheese…. Queue the recipe video!

heinz beanz pot

Mediterranean Stuffed Sweet Potato with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Spinach, Feta & Beans

I have recreated one of the Heinz Beans recipe cards to show you how simple your dinner can be, but still fill your boots and keep you satisfied!

We’ve all been there….

Whether you’re enjoying the classic tin, the barbecue tin, the no added sugar tin or the organic tin Heinz Beans have you covered. The possibilities are endless if you’re having them with baked potatoes, buttered toast or straight out of the pan (we’ve all been there), you can be as creative or as lazy as you like.

beanz meanz heinz recipe creation

To Recreate

If you like these recipes, find information on ... go get your own personalised can, go to

Want more easy sweet potato recipes?

Take a look at my sweet potato 4 ways blog post here!

four ways to eat sweet potato

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The Top Five Things To Do In Edinburgh

Where to visit in Scotland

If you only have a few days and are wondering what to do in Edinburgh then read this post! Packed with culture and food, these top five things will keep you entertained whilst visiting!

Where is the place to stay?

We were located in the Grassmarket which is the old town of Edinburgh with the castle at the top of the hill as the picturesque backdrop. There are so many quirky places to visit within the Grassmarket and some fantastic pubs. Sure there are the famous pubs like “The Last Drop” (where condemned men had their last pint before being sent to the gallows) but I found that there were lots of other authentic and unique places that are worth celebrating just as much! So if you want to see some of the coolest places to visit keep reading!


Our stay at the Wee Bunk

Apartment in Edinburgh

We spent our time in Edinburgh staying at the ‘Wee Bunk’ in the Grassmarket square and what a gorgeous bunk it was!

I love quirky apartments that have a certain “je ne sais quoi” about them and this bunk packs loads of personality. With a chipboard staircase up to the mezzanine filled with retro games to the doodles of Edinburgh scattered around the walls,  this apartment was just …. cool!


The top 5 things to do in Edinburgh

If like me, you want to have a more authentic stay in Edinburgh then have a read of my top five things to do! Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t going to skip the castle, bypass the famous pubs and not enjoy the masses of bagpipe players... but I do like to get a more authentic feel of a city - to ‘live like a local’ as such.



Take a trip to Dean Village

Dean Village Edinburgh




If there is one thing you do when visiting Edinburgh, it should be to take a stroll to Deans Village and walk the Waters of Leith route, even if you don’t make it to Leith, it is a gorgeous walk next to the water. The view from my photo really is as beautiful as it gets, no hyper realistic view, just a stunning part of Edinburgh that feels like you are miles away from the city. There is no noise from city life, only the serene stream with birds chirping *insert Minnie Riperton’s Loving You song.* Am I selling it to you yet?

If you are visiting in a busy time maybe take an early trip as there were a handful of people stopping to take a picture however we went in the bank holiday at around mid afternoon and there were only a handful of us tourists - not enough to ruin the view.

 Take a stroll up Princes Street, Via St Giles Cathedral to the Castle

St Giles Cathedral Edinburgh


Princes street is like the red carpet running up to the castle with some very important historic buildings on the way.  It is cluttered with tourists, a lot of who like to stop dead in front of you and nearly take your eye out with their selfie stick, but it is definitely worth a trip. You can try and beat the hype with an early morning walk or a late night stroll but inevitably you will feel like you are ‘part of the crowd.’

Aside from the 100000 tartan shops the street is a gorgeous and the view of the city from the castle is worth it! A cool tip is to explore the side streets as there are some lovely pubs and shops hidden on the steps winding down the hill - pubs like The Devil’s Advocate (down the Devil's Advocate Street.)


Visit the pop-up market in Grassmarket


Grassmarket Edinburgh

The grassmarket is a perfect part of Edinburgh to visit as it is the Old Town of the city, lots of history and lots of character. The Last Drop pub is worth a visit sure, but there are lots of other cool places to visit like Mary’s Milk Bar or the cheese and wine tasting deli just up the hill.


One thing to definitely look out for is the market that happens every Saturday between 10am-5pm where there are businesses selling local produce, delicious homemade goods and a range of street food stalls to test. We spent our Saturday morning eyeing up the whisky infused chocolates, locally made jams and chutneys and flipping through local artists paintings.

Spend a night in The Jazz Bar



Edinburgh is known for its comedy clubs and live music scene and where better to start then The Jazz Bar! It’s a very discreet bar with a little sign above the door with a bouncer outside, so keep your eyes peeled as it’s easy to miss. Inside is a very cosy interior where the seats are scarce and every corner filled however it has a great vibe with a relaxed feel about the place. It is usually free to visit until around 8pm when the place gets a little more crowded and acts change over rolling into the early hours of the morning! The sultry smooth jazz changes tempo as the night goes on, whilst we were visiting it went from a scatty jazz band into an upbeat funk band, which after sipping on a few glasses of fizz you won’t say no to!

Walk from The Jazz Bar to Grassmarket

After leaving the jazz club it is a perfect 5 minute walk to the Three Sisters pub, which had live music on every night we were there…. Or if you are in need of a pizza to go with your beer why not head to the Brewdog craft bar just next to The Three Sisters, and only two minutes away from the Grassmarket?


Walk up Calton Hill to watch up the sunset 

Calton Hill Edinburgh

There are a few key spots to visit for spectacular views, one being Arthur’s seat which is a few comfortable few hours worth of walking, or a less strenuous stroll up Calton Hill to Nelson’s Monument. When we visited -by no surprise- it had been raining and we weren’t exactly wearing the best clothes for walking in the rain up a muddy hill so decided to take the easier option. A perfect time to visit would be



Dust & Things Personalised Engraved Gifts

Dust & Things 

When I arrived home I came back to a beautiful delivery from the company Dust & Things with my very own personalised chopping board....

Now for those of you who know me you will know my ridiculous love for handmade pottery, rustic chopping boards and all things utensils (my christmas list last year was 90% kitchen products) so to me this is the ultimate present!

They have a range of products, from slate boards, coaster, trinket boxes and other interior bits and bobs. They are a fantastic idea for wedding presents, birthday presents or just something to spruce up your kitchen! I want to order 1 of everything, so that's my birthday and christmas list sorted for the next few years. 

Version 2

You can receive 10% off their products by using the code LUCYLENTILS10

If you love interior design, then go spend your lunch break scrolling through their gorgeous products and treat yourself!



Waitrose Chronicle Magazine Feature

It May Not Be Vogue, But It's The Closest I'll Get To Being a Cover Girl...

Whilst studying Interior Architecture at university, I work part time at Waitrose and have been there nearly 5 years! Working in a food supermarket definitely influenced my interest in food, and using ingredients that usually I wouldn't have thought about using. 

The story was put forward to the media team about my Instagram account and within 1 week I was being interviewed for the next article, and had a very cringe worthy photo session. I love having photographs taken with friends, however having a big camera in your face whilst you smile at your food was very embarrassing. However the hilarity of the situation made it genuinely fun!


The story covers my transformation from eating extremely badly after leaving school until my second year at university, and how through healthy eating I've learnt how to make nutritious meals. It also explains how I had (and still have) very basic culinary skills showing that anyone can do healthy eating! 

When I first started trying to eat healthier foods, I wen't from one extreme to the other. I thought that cutting out all fats and trying to eat less would be better, however it had the opposite affect. I had cravings for anything with sugar around 4pm and felt hungry and unsatisfied with each meal. But after reading about foods and nutritional meals, I now feel I have a balance between healthy AND tasty. After all food is meant to be enjoyed!

The message that I wanted to get across was that healthy doesn't need to be hard, and anyone can give it a go, that's not to say that I don't still indulge in a bit of ice cream, or chocolate however with eating mostly homemade hearty meals, it means that indulgences are perfectly fine!


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The Start of Lucy & Lentils!

After a year of building an Instagram account full of my kitchen creations, I thought it time that I set up a website with all my recipes. I am terrible for recording what I put into dishes, as I'm usually experimenting with different flavours... so working through the ingredients for some of these was a little tedious, but none the less here they are!

I started my Instagram almost as a dare to myself, just really using it to be inspired by other fantastic accounts, but once I started to really enjoy creating delicious food with wholesome ingredients it became second nature to spend an afternoon in the kitchen thinking of ways to turn vegetables into desserts or how to make a caramel sauce without sugar.

I try to find a healthy alternative to my favourite foods, so when I'm craving a takeaway pizza, I can turn to my pitta pizzas instead, with far more nutritional value.

Please take a look at my recipes, and food combinations that will hopefully inspire you to try new ingredients, or eat a few more vegetarian meals a week. I still have a balanced diet, by that I mean I still eat chocolate and pizza, but try to keep that to a minimal and eat nutritious and fresh foods 80% of the time.