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Pickled Cucumber & Hummus Toast

hummus and pickled cucumber toast

As a (self-confessed) hummus addict, there is nothing better than slathering a thick layer of hummus on top of a freshly toasted slice of sourdough. 

 One thing that would make it better is adding pickled cucumber on top! Inspired by Bettina (@Bettinas_kitchen) and her recent cook book release 'Happy Food' I bring you this mouthful of joy. 


The pickled cucumbers take only minutes to make and work perfectly in a number of recipes such as salads, burgers or simply with hummus and sourdough like this. 



2 slices of sourdough 

3 heaped tbsp hummus 

1/2 cucumber

1/4 cup white wine vinegar

pinch of brown sugar 

pepper to taste




Using a julienne peeler, peel long-ways down the cucumber and place in a bowl with the vinegar, sugar and add a pinch of salt. Allow to soak for 5 minutes

Pop the sourdough in the toaster 

Lather the hummus over the two slices of toasted sourdough and add the cucumber on top 

Add a sprinkle of cracked black pepper and enjoy! 


hummus and pickled cucumber toast
pickled cucumber and hummus toast

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