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  • one pot vegan lasagne recipe
    Dinner Recipe

    One Pot Vegan Lasagne

    Let’s Make My One Pot Vegan Lasagne This recipe is for all my fellow people who love a lasagne but can’t dedicate an hour and a half to cooking one.This easy…

  • Creamy Paprika Potatoes vegan recipe
    Dinner Recipe

    Creamy Paprika Potatoes

    Let’s Make This Pot of Creamy Paprika Potatoes This recipe is similar to a Goulash, loads of smoked sweet paprika, potatoes and rich tomato flavours. It’s perfect for a comforting vegan…

  • olive and courgette pasta recipe
    Dinner Recipe

    Olive and Courgette Pasta

    Let’s Make Olive and Courgette Pasta This 10 minute olive and courgette pasta is so quick and easy to make. This recipe is naturally vegan and can be adapted to add…

  • 15 minute tomato gnocchi
    Dinner Recipe

    15 Minute One Pot Gnocchi

    15 Minute One Pot Gnocchi This easy 15 minute one pot gnocchi recipe uses tomatoes, garlic, gnocchi and herbs to make a speedy dinner. It’s vegan friendly and can be easily…

  • vegan roasted red pepper pasta sauce recipe
    Dinner Recipe

    Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

    Roasted Pepper Pasta A delicious and easy week night meal with the star of the show – roasted red peppers. This simple recipe highlights how easy it is to make a…

  • vegan tomato and pesto risotto recipe
    Dinner Recipe

    Tomato and Pesto Risotto

    Delicious Tomato and Pesto Risotto Recipe This creamy tomato and pesto risotto is perfect for all year round. It’s cheap to make as you use whatever tomatoes are in season. This…

  • pea risotto recipe vegan
    Dinner Recipe

    Creamy Pea Risotto

    Spring Creamy Pea Risotto Perfect for spring, this creamy pea risotto is vegan friendly. Bright green in colour, the flavour of the peas really works with the garlic and caramelised shallots.…