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Easy & Delicious Vegan Christmas Dinner

Vegan christmas meal idea

Whether you're vegan, your mate is vegan, your in law is vegan, here are some gorgeous festive recipes to put your mind at ease.



butternut and chestnut tart christmas
roasted acorn squash recipe
tesco everyones welcome christmas

No 1. The Show Stopper

This roasted spiced butternut tart with homemade rosemary shortcrust will knock the socks off your guests.

It'll be the perfect centrepiece with the pomegranate jewels and brussels sprouts topping.

The tart crust doesn't need to be homemade, but I am slightly biased with this gorgeous creation flavoured with fresh rosemary - the ultimate Christmas herb.

Find the recipe just here.

No 2. Maple Roasted Carrots

The best thing about Christmas food in my opinion is the abundance of seasonal veg. The humble carrot can be turned into a sumptuous side, roasted in maple syrup and topped with

Find the recipe just here.

No 3. Rosemary & Garlic Hasselbacks

The roast potato is sacred when it comes to Christmas dinner, so this year why not try the hasselback....


Find the recipe just here.

easy vegan christmas wreath recipe

No 4. Butternut & Brussels Pastry Wreath

This pastry wreath is a showstopper for sure. Packed with flavour, it's incredibly easy to create the filling. The pastry wreath is also easy, you just need two circles to cut around to create the wreath, then freestyle the toppings.


Find the recipe just here.

No 5. 'Pancetta' and 'Cream Cheese' Pinwheels

Your guests don't even need to know that these are in fact vegan! Simply pop them on the table and let everyone enjoy!


Find the recipe just here.


Everyone’s Welcome This Christmas

tesco everyones welcome

Everyone’s Welcome

This is a paid advertorial with Tesco

Celebration with abundance

Christmas platters are such a great way to celebrate lots of different food at once. From pates to dips paired with crackers and crunchy veg - they're my favourite thing to put together. There’s something about everyone’s hands dashing over the table to grab a cracker or to scoop up the last mince pie.

Tesco gave the challenge to recreate one of their Christmas recipes (you can find a range on their website) to share a gorgeous abundance of festive food for the #EveryonesWelcome campaign! The star of the show (yet very humbly sat in the middle) is a mushroom pate made with porcini and shiitake paired with fresh thyme.

On the platter

I've surrounded it with Tesco rosemary crackers, fresh grapes, crunchy veg as well as panettone and mince pies from their free from section. I should also touch on the Free From Christmas range which this year seems to be bigger than ever. It’s always a good idea to have gluten free or dairy free options on the table to make sure everyone is catered for.

tesco everyones welcome christmas

I like to have a selection of sweet, savoury, healthy and indulgent on my table at Christmas to make sure there is a little something for everyone, really tying into the Everyone’s Welcome idea surrounding this season.

tesco free from mince pies

As mentioned before, you can find all of their festive recipes just here, **

You can find the free from selection here, Mince Pies -

Panettone -