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The Ultimate Vegan Grilled Cheese

kimchi grilled cheese vegan recipe

Kimchi & Pesto Grilled Cheese & It's Vegan! 


2 slices seeded sourdough 

3 tbsp kimchi (I use Biona, Clearspring or Barrel & Bone)

2 tbsp homemade pesto *recipe here*

50g Violife Pizza Cheese (this melts the best)

pinch salt 



I use a toastie grill to get the deep lines however you could do this with a skillet, a simply frying pan with a little oil, or under the grill

Add the slices of sourdough to the grill to toast on the inside first

Once toasted, load it up with the kimchi, followed by the slices of 'cheese' then layer the other slice with homemade pesto and pop on top (pinch of salt & pepper optional)

Place the loaded sandwich into a toastie grill, pan or under the oven grill to toast the outside and melt the cheese

Enjoy. Every. Mouthful.

kimchi grilled cheese vegan recipe
kimchi grilled cheese sandwich

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