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Chocolate Caramels Vegan

vegan chocolate caramels


You want a 1:2 ratio of nuts to medjool dates

I used 1 cup of almonds to 2 cups medjool dates

100g 70% chocolate

1 tsp coconut oil (optional)



Add the nuts to the food processor and blend until it starts to create a nut butter then add the medjool dates

Blend until a creamy texture forms

Using a ban marie, melt the dark chocolate with the tsp of coconut oil

Take a tbsp of the blended caramel texture and roll into balls then dip into the melted chocolate

Repeat until all of the balls are covered

Place on  plate then pop them to set in the fridge

These can live outside of the fridge for the centre to remain 'gooey' however they can be stored in the fridge if it's a little warm in your kitchen.

Simple tip to make a caramel / fudge texture:

•Soaked your nuts for 30 minutes or overnight to make them extra creamy nuts

•Pick the the juiciest medjool dates you can find

•Don't be tempted to take them out of the food processor to early, you want a creamy texture which might take 5+ minutes

•Wet your hands to help roll into balls without sticking to your fingers

vegan chocolate caramels
vegan chocolate caramels
vegan chocolate caramels

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