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Polaroid Camera or DSLR? – Reviewing New Jessop’s Store in Nottingham

jessops camera store nottingham

Set Your Photos Free

In Paid Sponsorship With Jessop's

Do you remember the embarrassing baby photo albums?

Whilst visiting the new refit of the Jessop's camera and print store in Nottingham, we were shown the concept of their ethos. With the power of social media, we are a nation obsessed with sharing all our photos online. We are relying on our photos being stored online 

set your photos free jessops nottingham

Do any of you still print photographs?

I don't, which is weird considering I used to love creating photo albums - very DIY craft book with random bits and pieces stuck in.

After listening to the store concept at Jessop's, I loved to hear that they are make printing more accessible so we can cherish the memories instead of loosing track of them on social media.

I rely too heavily on time hop in the vein hope it will bring back hilarious memories from nights out with my friends to old holiday photos with family. 

new jessops store opening nottingham

Talk To The Pros

Did you know that every member of Jessop's are photographers? Meaning you have a question about lenses, lighting, printing or composition, these guys are the ones to ask. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many enthusiastic photographers in one space all with knowledge of different cameras whether it was the Fuji Instax cameras or DSLR. 

Polaroid or DSLR?

fuji instax camera nottingham

Benefits of Polaroids:

  • No editing
  • No second takes
  • No dog ear filters
  • No fake beautifying filters
  • Just real, in-the-moment captures
  • Print instantly to cherish 

Benefits of DSLR

  • Clearer photo quality
  • More control over settings (lighting)
  • Can photo fix afterwards 
  • Print to any scale
  • Share across social media and online

The truth is, I would recommend both. What's great about DSLR is you can edit, photo fix and share with multiple people. At Jessop's they had some pretty awesome ways to turn your photos into gifts such as puzzles (mum, expect a 1000 piece puzzle of my face for Mother's day). Your photo quality will always be better but in comparison there is something so special about capturing a raw moment.

It's a very hipster trend to have old 80's polaroids, especially any of you Stranger Things fans, and there is a huge range of he Fuji Instax cameras in all different colours. These are SO much fun to play with, and luckily the team in store can show you all the different settings and filters you can add to the lens. 

What I love about polaroids is the unedited version of the night. We had one at a Christmas house gathering and the photos we took were hilarious, candid and so much fun to look back on the next day. You seem to capture a much more real image that tells more of a story than the perfectly edited versions we tend to alter with DSLR.

jessops instax camera

What are your thoughts?

Whether you have a polaroid, DSLR, or any other type of camera.... Let me know what you prefer and why.

In the meantime, be sure to visit the new Jessop's store on the highstreet in Nottingham. The fit out looks fantastic, encouraging you to take your time whilst visiting 'set your photos free' with their range of printing services available. 

Visit their website here for more information. Jessop's Website. 

Recipe Review

Mighty Plant Flavours Unleashed AD

wicked kitchen tesco

 With #WickedKitchen

This is a sponsored post with Tesco 

Where to go for vegan food when on-the-go

Gone are the days of a boring stale cheese sandwiches or only being able to buy a snack pack of hummus and carrot sticks….

Derek Sarno had teamed up with Tesco to release a new range of plant based meals -introducing Wicked Kitchen. From sandwiches pizzas and salads this range is anything but boring. It is easy to understand why there is such a stigma attached to vegan food when certain shops are a tad behind with their menu selection….. But this new range has got so many of us excited!

wicked kitchen derek sarno

Involved with Veganuary?

With all of the positive attention towards #Veganuary it’s hard not to feel inspired to try new and exciting plant based meals.


Whether you’re a herbivore or carnivore, the main message is for everyone to see that plant based meals are delicious and accessible. It used to be difficult to find vegan food on the go, without sourcing a health food store but with the plant based movement gaining more attention, larger stores are listening and responding with delicious food!

 derek sarno

Banish The Bore!

We have all been there, you forget to pack your lunch or you’re out with friends, it hits lunchtime and you’re in need of a bite to eat…. Whether you’re vegan or veggie the options can quite often be limited and a bit unimaginative, queue the new Wicked Kitchen range.

I’m so excited to be reviewing this range as it is genuinely a revelation for large supermarkets to jump on board the plant based bandwagon and start proving that it is delicious food!

wicked kitchen tesco

Selling Like (Vegan)  Hot Cakes

The Wicked Kitchen range has exploded on the streets with many stores having sold out on the first day of launch! What is great is that they can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what your diet type, this is perfect for everyone. 

What is great about this collection is that it is showing that plant based food is not only readily available, but is an exciting choice to go for *insert salsa dancing emoji right here!*

 wicked kitchen tesco

Now to see rejoice in normalising plant based food!

Derek Sarno and Tesco have been whipping up a frenzy and also proving that plant based is exciting, delicious and nutritious. There is no question that this range is delicious (trust me I went through a tough afternoon of trying the collection, I mean someone had to) and can safely say this is an exciting new collection whether you’re vegan or not!

It is so exciting to see ‘fast food’ in the form of ready made sandwiches, salads, ready meals and pizzas that are using inventive ways to celebrate the humble vegetable.

wicked kitchen tesco

Mighty Plant Flavours Unleashed

The plant based movement has been in full swing for many years with a selection of delicious and inventive ways to use vegetables - however supermarkets and larger retailers have been a little behind in catching up.

What I am most excited about it the wide selection and interesting flavour combinations that will banish the boring cheese sandwich at work. Food that is colourful, grabs your attention and introduces you to new flavours is always a conversation starter and couldn’t have been achieved better by Derek and the team at Wicked Kitchen.


The range was a sell out in so many stores, not because all the vegans were rejoicing and stocking up but because the food is intriguing, it looks interesting and gets people talking about food.

You can shop the collection here >

Follow their social media to see what they’re up to! #Ad