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Pana Chocolate Giveaway & Chocolate Covered Flapjack Recipe

pana chocolate competition

How To Win 12 Bars of Pana Chocolate

All you have to do is sign up to my newsletter, to hear about updates and more exciting giveaways. Once you have give Pana Chocolate a follow on social media and signed up to the email announcements, we will pick two lucky winners and announce it on social media.

I have created a delicious flapjack recipe using simple ingredients with a thick chocolate topping using Pana Chocolate (one of my all time favourite vegan chocolates)!

vegan flapjack with chocolate layer

Pana Chocolate Giveaway Competition

To celebrate the love of chocolate, Pana Chocolate are hosting a giveaway competition… worldwide! They are giving away an assortment of beautifully crafted, creamy chocolate (12 bars of chocolate per pack) to two lucky winners!

(Take a sneak peak at their range of chocolates available here


vegan flapjack with chocolate layer


The Flapjack Recipe


  • 1 cup of oats
  • 1 cup of medjool dates (approx 10 dates)
  • ½ cup nuts (I used almonds)
  • ½ cup maple syrup
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • ½ tsp ginger
  • 1 bar of 60% Pana Chocolate Bar
  • Generous pinch of sea salt



  • Blitz the medjool dates in a food processor to start to break down (add a dash of water if they’re a little dry)
  • Add all the dry ingredients saving, salt and chocolate aside
  • Once combined, check the consistency which should be moist and sticky - if the texture is slightly dry, add ¼ cup more maple syrup and a dash of nut milk
  • Using greaseproof paper, line a small loaf tin and add the mixture, patting down to create a level surface
  • Bake at 180˚C for around 15-18 minutes until it starts to crisp
  • Allow to cool
  • Using a bain marie gently melt the bar of pana chocolate (this shouldn’t take long as it has a low melting point)
  • Pour the chocolate over the baked base and allow to set. Cut into strips approx 5cm apart and enjoy with a cup of coffee

vegan flapjack competition

vegan flapjack recipe with pana chocolate

Take a look at Pana Chocolate’s social media to see the beautiful dessert inspiration here.


The lucky two winners will be announced in two weeks on my Instagram channel so be sure to keep watch here.


Recipe Review

Mighty Plant Flavours Unleashed AD

wicked kitchen tesco

 With #WickedKitchen

This is a sponsored post with Tesco 

Where to go for vegan food when on-the-go

Gone are the days of a boring stale cheese sandwiches or only being able to buy a snack pack of hummus and carrot sticks….

Derek Sarno had teamed up with Tesco to release a new range of plant based meals -introducing Wicked Kitchen. From sandwiches pizzas and salads this range is anything but boring. It is easy to understand why there is such a stigma attached to vegan food when certain shops are a tad behind with their menu selection….. But this new range has got so many of us excited!

wicked kitchen derek sarno

Involved with Veganuary?

With all of the positive attention towards #Veganuary it’s hard not to feel inspired to try new and exciting plant based meals.


Whether you’re a herbivore or carnivore, the main message is for everyone to see that plant based meals are delicious and accessible. It used to be difficult to find vegan food on the go, without sourcing a health food store but with the plant based movement gaining more attention, larger stores are listening and responding with delicious food!

 derek sarno

Banish The Bore!

We have all been there, you forget to pack your lunch or you’re out with friends, it hits lunchtime and you’re in need of a bite to eat…. Whether you’re vegan or veggie the options can quite often be limited and a bit unimaginative, queue the new Wicked Kitchen range.

I’m so excited to be reviewing this range as it is genuinely a revelation for large supermarkets to jump on board the plant based bandwagon and start proving that it is delicious food!

wicked kitchen tesco

Selling Like (Vegan)  Hot Cakes

The Wicked Kitchen range has exploded on the streets with many stores having sold out on the first day of launch! What is great is that they can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what your diet type, this is perfect for everyone. 

What is great about this collection is that it is showing that plant based food is not only readily available, but is an exciting choice to go for *insert salsa dancing emoji right here!*

 wicked kitchen tesco

Now to see rejoice in normalising plant based food!

Derek Sarno and Tesco have been whipping up a frenzy and also proving that plant based is exciting, delicious and nutritious. There is no question that this range is delicious (trust me I went through a tough afternoon of trying the collection, I mean someone had to) and can safely say this is an exciting new collection whether you’re vegan or not!

It is so exciting to see ‘fast food’ in the form of ready made sandwiches, salads, ready meals and pizzas that are using inventive ways to celebrate the humble vegetable.

wicked kitchen tesco

Mighty Plant Flavours Unleashed

The plant based movement has been in full swing for many years with a selection of delicious and inventive ways to use vegetables - however supermarkets and larger retailers have been a little behind in catching up.

What I am most excited about it the wide selection and interesting flavour combinations that will banish the boring cheese sandwich at work. Food that is colourful, grabs your attention and introduces you to new flavours is always a conversation starter and couldn’t have been achieved better by Derek and the team at Wicked Kitchen.


The range was a sell out in so many stores, not because all the vegans were rejoicing and stocking up but because the food is intriguing, it looks interesting and gets people talking about food.

You can shop the collection here >

Follow their social media to see what they’re up to! #Ad





The Best Vegan Friendly Places to Eat in Edinburgh

best vegan friendly places edinburgh

Break tradition and go bespoke!

In this blog post I am sharing the best vegan friendly places to eat in Edinburgh, from gorgeous interiors to an array of menu choice, these are the places you need to eat when visiting! Nestled within the beautiful streets of Edinburgh are tonnes of gorgeous places packed with personality and great food, with so much choice, so whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or a meat lover there are some fantastic places to try that offer something a little different to your usual chain. Edinburgh is a fantastic city with so many bespoke bistros and cafes to visit so before you head to a chain restaurant stop and read this blog!!

coloured houses in edinburgh

For Brunch


Loudons has a reputation for ‘the place to brunch’ filled with young girlfriends catching up over an Instagram worthy plate full of poached eggs with avocado on toast. The interior is fresh and airy with different zones to sit in - given that you can get a spot as this place fills up fast!

loudons in edinburgh

loudons cafe in edinburgh

In terms of the menu - like so many of the cafes in Edinburgh it had variety. I read that menu three times through and still couldn’t decide, so after a snap pressured decision of an toast concoction I instantly regretted my decision. After asking the waitress what the girl next to me was having she sneakily went over to check and like a true detective (she was a CLASS waitress) depicted it was in fact the superfood pancakes!

loudons smothie edinburgh

loudons in edinburgh veggie burger

Lewi had the veggie burger with homemade slaw which - admittedly after stealing a large bite, can confirm it was delicious. So many veggie burgers lack flavour or are like deep fried baby food puree however this had a slight spice, a crunchy crumb and was full of flavour.

Southern Cross Café

If you like boho interiors with friendly staff the southern cross cafe on Cockburn Street is worth a visit. Don’t let the small window entrance fool you as there are loads of seats inside on the ground floor and up the spiral staircase.

southern cross cafe in edinburgh

With lots of home baked sweet treats and a range tea’s and coffees this is a lovely place to grab your brekky. This is also a great place to go for lunch as they have a range of burgers and energy boosting meals.

Graze on Grassmarket

If you want somewhere that is tasty and budget friendly then Graze of Grassmarket it worth a trip. They serve a range of breakfasts from a graze box with five fillings to a healthier porridge and fruit option. They also have a large selection of tray bakes, vegan cakes and healthy salads to choose from so this is perfect for breakfast or lunch!

graze on grassmarket edinburgh

Lewis had the breakfast box filled with bacon, eggs, toast (which was a griddled seeded delicious bread) and I opted for traditional Scottish oats with fresh berries and honey - both very happy customers!

Pumpkin Brown

This gorgeous cafe is filled with organic, healthy and vegan friendly eatery nestled in the Grassmarket. It is hard to miss as the beautiful shop front is teeny tiny, but  look out for their sign and barstools sitting outside and pop in!

pumpkin cafe in edinburgh

Their super healthy range of breakfast bowls are a fantastic way to kickstart your day or if you are fancying something sweet why not try one of their amazing looking brownies.

Look at their vegan friendly menu,

Hula Juice Bar

Stepping out of the rainy streets of Scotland and into Hula cafe is like being transported to a quaint coffee shop in the Bahamas, with their vibrant colours, tropical plants and outdoor style furniture! I LOVED this cafe, and to have it nestled within the Grassmarket made this not only 10/10 for the food but for location!

hula cafe edinburgh

We visited for breakfast having a massive bowl of porridge with nutella - you gotta treat yourself sometimes…..  And boy was it good! Bare in mind we had already had breakfast (yes we really are that greedy) but we were desperate to try the food at Hula so queue the second serving so between us we had a bowl of porridge, a green smoothie and a cappuccino. I’m not really a smoothie gal as I loved munching on food rather than drinking it but their smoothies are renowned so I had to give it a go, and thank goodness I did! It was delicious enough to convert me into a green smoothie cliche of the typical health food fanatic (minus the extra large dollop of nutella  in my porridge.) Overall you need to visit this cafe, it's a gorgeous place! They sell lifelong coffee cups, vegan products and an abundance of gorgeous things for your kitchen.

hula juice bar edinburgh

The staff were lovely, and the decor was right up my street - being an interior designer I have a love for quirky design and this definitely ticked the box! The menu was fantastic with so much choice, so for all of you like variety and a health conscious options, you will love Hula Cafe!

hula cafe green smoothie

hula cafe porridge with nutella

As I mentioned, this was actually our second breakfast because of course as a food blogger you have to have at least 6 meals a day when visiting a new city!

Follow their Instagram, they're seriously awesome!: @hulajuicebar

Find their menu here,

For Dinner

Hendersons vegan restaurant

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, coeliac, carnivore, you name it - Hendersons are worth a visit. Their food is comforting, delicious, and exactly what you need after a day of exploring Edinburgh. 

hendersons vegan restaurant in edinburghvegan cappuchino hendersons

hendersons in edinburgh vegan menu

There are a few Hendersons cafes in Edinburgh each as gorgeous as the next, but we decided to visit the vegan restaurant for the full experience. The interior is beautiful with rustic furniture, wooden flooring with mustard, green and mauve inside - very chic. Much to Lewi-the-carnivores surprise there was an abundance of choice on the menu and all imaginative. There is nothing less inspiring for vegan / vegetarian food than 'nut roast' or 'tomato soup' but thankfully the menu had comfort food like cottage pie, coconut stir fry, gelato and cakes. 

vegan haggis at hendersonsvegan gelato in edinburgh

I chose the haggis option - when in Rome and all that..... and Lew had the sweet & sour tofu stir fry with an oat milk cappuccino followed by coconut gelato. The food was i n s a n e. Not sponsored, no advertisement, just pure delicious food - even the carnivore boyfriend loved it! 

Find their menu here,


This pizza place on Rose Street is a must if you are in want of a delicious stonebaked pizza. After travelling around Italy for a month it’s safe to say I have eaten my fair share of pizza and Dough offer a pretty delicious slice!

dough pizzeria in edinburgh

With only a few cosy seats inside and two benches at the front you have to be quick to grab a spot but boy is it worth it! If you have enjoyed a few beers at the local pubs they do takeaway, so you can enjoy strolling the scenic streets of Edinburgh with a delicious pizza in hand - who can complain with that?

dough pizzeria in edinburgh

Great news, they also do a gluten free base and a VEGAN mozzarella pizza - yay for vegan cheese!!

Lewis had the meat feast, and me the mozzarella and damn was it good. It was freezing outside but this pizza warmed us right up, and had every person passing eyeing up our food - understandable so, it was so bloody good!

Find their menu here,

Coffee & Cake

Mary’s Milk Bar

Mary’s milk bar is a intimate gelato bar with only a few perfectly placed chairs inside looking out onto the castle.

mary's milk bar in edinburgh

Mary trained as a chocolatier in Italy, with the fresh gelato made daily so you know you are in safe hands. If you’re dairy free there are fruit sorbets to choose from so you can enjoy your frozen delight too!

marys milk bar edinburgh

The interior is just as gorgeous as the gelato with pastel coloured walls and quirky vintage decorations dotted about it is a great place to go!

Cockburn Café

We had just arrived after a long journey and were in need of caffeine.... cue the extra large cappuccino. Cockburn street (try and say that with a straight face) is a beautiful street filled with delicatessens, cafes, boutiques and wine bars and is definitely worth wondering up and down.

cockburn cafe edinburgh

If you get the timing right, when the sun sets it catches at the top of the hill slowly cascading down the beautiful buildings - very Keats I know!

cockburn cafe edinburgh

This little cafe is very cute with fairy lights falling down the staircase, with rustic wooden window seats and a selection of handmade treats it should definitely be a pitstop. 

Grassmarket Pop Up Market (Saturday)

Brownies? Macarons? Hand crafted chocolate? Get yourself to the Grassmarket pop up market on a Saturday! With local businesses displaying their best creations looking tempting and delicious it’s hard to resist…..

pop up market in edinburgh

So whether it’s extra thick brownies, whisky infused chocolates or pastel coloured macarons take your pick at the market - if in doubt try one of everything!

grassmarket edinburgh

Want to see my top 5 things to do in Edinburgh?

harry potter inspired building in leith

Read my blog post sharing the places you need to visit when in Edinburgh here - most of them free!


Food Love Stories, brought to you by Tesco

tesco food love stories

Tesco’s Food Love Stories Campaign


Food Love Stories, brought to you by Tesco When you think of Tesco adverts, it’s usually a promotion for seasonal snacks or a two-for-one offer to make you rush to the nearest store…. You may not instantly think of a plant based recipe that not only looks fantastic but is vegan friendly! The new Food Love Stories campaign is a great shoutout to vegan recipes showing that they aren’t boring.


I am all for celebrating seasonal vegetables and trying to get you eating more plants, and what better way to get the nation excited then by showing them how easy and more importantly tasty it can be!


Food Love Stories


Whether you’re vegan or not, this recipe is a fab way to get the family feasting. The key is all down to flavouring! Chilli, coriander and rosemary are perfect for seasoning vegetables that take these mushrooms from a earthy taste to a spicy and smoky sensation.


Smoked paprika is fantastic spice to add and works perfectly with the BBQ sauce. It is so important to season the mushrooms to really take them to the next level. Allowing the mushrooms to infuse in the oil and spices, then bake in the oven to go crispy, transforms your ‘shrooms into a filling and delicious main.

roasted mushrooms for tesco food love stories

I love finger food, by that I mean food that you can share with friends and family and get in there with your hands. These mushroom buns look fantastic, which means you start tasting with your eyes before having taken a bite. I love food that gets you excited to try and these will hopefully have the same effect on the people you’re feeding!


Gone are the stigmas attached to vegan food, being branded as boring, bland and expensive and hello to a simple recipe that shows how fun it can be!


food love stories

As a full time worker I understand the need for a quick and simple meal when you get home. Kicking your shoes off at the end of a long day in the office, then faced with the prospect of cooking in the kitchen for the next hour can be extremely off putting. Have no fear - this recipe takes minutes to prepare, uses only a few pans and is completely fool proof!


So if you want to try to incorporate more vegan food into your diet, or you simply love the look of this recipe, why not give it a go! You can get the kids or the partner to prepare the buns and side salad whist you tend to the mushrooms - after all #EveryLittleHelps!


food love stories

Be sure to check out the full recipe on:*awin*ghs*fls*lucyandlentils&utm_medium=ghs&utm_source=affiliate_window&utm_campaign=aff*lucyandlentils 

Twitter: @Tesco

Instagram: @TescoFood

Instagram: @TescoFood


My Favourite Recipes From Last Month

Lentil Dhal



Tasty Toasts With Two Toppings

Simply Swap to Sweet Potato

For those of you who have followed me on social media, you will know I love toast (in fact I have written an entire blog post on it!) So I decided to give sweet potato toast a go - albeit a bit late to the party - but it was worth the suspense!

So how do you actually make sweet potato toast?

Just in a toaster! I know some people oven bake theirs however I am lazy so decided the toaster would do. It takes about 4 times as long as normal bread and you have to wait until the skin starts to blister to know it is cooked all the way through.

How do you know when its cooked?

 I found that slicing the sweet potato to only 1cm thick helped cook it all the way through. The thicker slices were a bit firm on the inside even when the skin was blistered, so I think with this toast the key is the thinner the better!


Mashed avocado, chickpeas, cracked black pepper, chopped chilli & fresh parsley & a perfectly poached egg sitting on avocado topped with fresh chilli.



Spicy Chickpea Patties

A Pitta Perfect For Lunch!

I had been experimenting making a chickpea scramble and had lots of leftovers so decided to throw them into some toasted pittas. 

 You can find the recipe for my chickpea scramble here 

These were a delicious mix of creamy avocado, fresh baby spinach, a dash of heat with freshly chopped chilli topped with a dairy free coconut yogurt. 

I warmed these pittas up by placing them in a cast iron skillet, then placing them under the grill until the pittas started to toast then drizzled the yogurt and garnished with fresh parsley.


I love the versatility of chickpeas and I feel I'm only beginning to scratch the surface in discovering all the ways they can be used! They have got around 7g of protein per portion so are a great way to keep fuelled for the day.



Lentil Dhal 

They don't call me Lucy & Lentils for nothing!

This recipe was one of the first to make it onto Lucy & Lentils - after all the name had to come from somewhere!I love making this dish again and again as you can alter it to fit whatever is in your pantry. Sometimes I add a dash of cinnamon, or bulk up the batch with some sweet potato, the end result is always different but that’s what I like about this recipe!

You can find the recipe for my Lentil Dhal here

Why not try adding a dollop of coconut yogurt, a pinch of parsley & cracked black pepper?



Oat & Date Cake

Why not grab a slice of my Vegan friendly energy packed cake!

With a colourful explosion like this, how can you say no?

I love making sweet treats with oats as they keep you going throughout the day with their slow releasing energy. This cake is:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Refined Sugar Free

 You can find the recipe for my Oat Cake here



Why not try making this batch in two halves, then melt dark chocolate for the filling?