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The Start of Lucy & Lentils!

After a year of building an Instagram account full of my kitchen creations, I thought it time that I set up a website with all my recipes. I am terrible for recording what I put into dishes, as I'm usually experimenting with different flavours... so working through the ingredients for some of these was a little tedious, but none the less here they are!

I started my Instagram almost as a dare to myself, just really using it to be inspired by other fantastic accounts, but once I started to really enjoy creating delicious food with wholesome ingredients it became second nature to spend an afternoon in the kitchen thinking of ways to turn vegetables into desserts or how to make a caramel sauce without sugar.

I try to find a healthy alternative to my favourite foods, so when I'm craving a takeaway pizza, I can turn to my pitta pizzas instead, with far more nutritional value.

Please take a look at my recipes, and food combinations that will hopefully inspire you to try new ingredients, or eat a few more vegetarian meals a week. I still have a balanced diet, by that I mean I still eat chocolate and pizza, but try to keep that to a minimal and eat nutritious and fresh foods 80% of the time.


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