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Jackfruit Banh Mi Buns

Banh Mi Buns Vegan


-2 x seeded rolls (I used Genius GF)
-400g tin young jackfruit 
-1/2 cucumber, thinly sliced 
-1 red pepper, thinly sliced
-2 tbsp smoked paprika
-1 tbsp tamari
-1tsp chilli flakes
-large pinch salt 
-serving sriracha mayo, 
-1 fresh lime
-1 tbsp sesame seeds 
-fresh coriander


-Slightly pull apart the jackfruit and pop into a small bowl, then mix with the paprika, tamari, chilli flakes and oil and massage together 
-Gently fry the jackfruit in a small pan for around 7-8 minutes in a little olive oil 
-Prepare the buns by slicing down the middle and filling with the sliced cucumber and pepper
-Add the jackfruit on top then generously add the sriracha mayo, squeeze fresh lime and top with sesame seeds and coriander 

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Banh Mi Buns Vegan

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