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Why Should You Not Bet on Non-gamstop Bookmakers?

It has become a well-known fact that there are various bookies in the UK. However, not all the bookies or the betting sites are legal. The two most famous betting sites not registered with gamstop, Ladbrokes and William Hill, do not accept electronic money as payment. Therefore, the players who bet with these two sites can not claim their winnings via credit cards. However, there are still many other online betting sites in the UK.

There are many reasons for which these bookmakers refuse to accept credit cards as payments for winnings. The main reason is the risk involved in betting with the money of the customers. If a player loses then he would have to face huge financial loss. A bookmaker considers the profit of a gambling activity as a whole and does not consider the individual losses and wins. These bookmakers make huge profits by allowing the players to place their bets online.

The players can also choose to pay for their bet using different payment options like Credit Cards, PayPal, cheques and cash payments. However, a betting site needs to accept all types of payment options for facilitating the players. Therefore, they check out the credibility and legitimacy of the websites before allowing payment for placing a bet. The players should not bet large amounts. If a betting site allows the players to place larger amount of bets then the bonus or promotional offers that these sites offer should be used to increase the chances of winning.

A player can also choose to place his bet using the conventional bookmakers’ odds. The players can find the odds from the websites. However, there are many advantages of choosing a site that offers odds against the bookmakers. This method of betting provides the players an opportunity to have better control over the game. This is because the players can adjust the odds according to their preferences with the help of the software.

There is another method of betting that is gaining popularity. It is known as parlaying. Betting in this method allows the players to benefit even if the total betting amount is small. Betting in this manner does not involve any money and the players do not require any particular financial status to participate in the gambling game. This is another reason why many people are opting to bet on online gambling games not on gamstops.

With so many players on non betting sites, the bookies have a tough time in providing incentives to the players. They have to rely on less reliable sources of income like promotional offers and bonuses. For this reason, the players may avoid placing their bets on bookmakers for fear of losing their benefits. However, as the number of players on these sites grow, it becomes difficult to attract new customers. For this reason, the bookies provide incentives like reduced interest rates to attract customers.