The safest steroids for gaining muscle mass

Despite the lack of confidence in the absolute safety of anabolic drugs, there is a list of proven drugs that, when used correctly, do not cause serious harm to human health.

Below is a list of seven of the safest drugs to help increase muscle mass.

  • Primbolan is in seventh place. Most often it is taken in pill form, but injection solutions are also available. This agent is careful with the liver, and this suggests that, with the correct dosage, it will not harm it. Athletes include 'Primbolan' in their muscle definition course.
  • In sixth place on the list of harmless steroids is 'Masteron'. It is one of the most popular drugs among athletes. Its benefits include: increased energy, increased body endurance and reduced body fat.
  • The fifth place is deservedly taken by ‘Boldon’. The main purpose of the drug is to gain muscle mass. He does an excellent job with this task, and everything else does not retain water. In addition, the tool helps: improve appetite and increase the number of red blood cells. It should also be noted that 'Boldelon' is involved in protein synthesis. Side effects are extremely rare, and only in conditions of non-compliance with the rules of admission.
  • The fourth place on the list of the safest anabolic steroids is ‘Trenbolone’. It is designed to improve the strength characteristics of the body, and is also used to gain muscle mass. An increase in pressure is considered a side effect, and is manifested at higher dosages.