The whole truth about how a bookmaker's office works

The popularity of bookmaker organizations is increasing. But not all customers of these companies and even more so other people who have never bet, know how they work and at what expense they earn. That is why in this article we will look at the peculiarities of the business in the field of sports betting. We will take Parimatch official site as a basis, one of the best representatives of this sphere of activity, judging by the line and the listings.

What is a betting company and what does it do?

Today, it is a large organization with hundreds of employees. Its main task is to accept bets and pay out winnings to players who have made correct predictions.

What is the difference between online and offline BK

BKs that operate online, carry out their activities on the Internet. The customer can go to the site and perform all the tasks related to betting, such as registering, depositing an account, finding the right event and betting. He does not need to go to an office or betting shop for all this. But nowadays, many of the betting shops operate both online and offline, which means that the bettor can work both at the office and on the site.

Who works in them and why

The staff of a bookmaker includes the following specialists:

  • Analysts - the very people who calculate probability based on statistics, news and other factors, and then put up odds. The conversion of probability into a quote is quite simple - for example, if analysts calculate that the chance of a certain match outcome is 60%, to get the odds, you need to divide 100 by 60, you get 1.66.
  • Marketers. Today it is not enough just to create a bookmaker's office, which will accept bets, even with the highest odds. It is necessary to "promote" the product on the market and somehow make it stand out among competitors. To do this, the management hires a whole staff of marketers, who are engaged in advertising and raising brand awareness.
  • Developers, designers, product specialists - these people work in conjunction with marketers and do everything possible to ensure that when a person enters the site of a bookmaker, it must have attracted something and he decided to register here. It could just be an attractive site design, an abundance of promotions, slot machines and more.
  • The bookmaker's security guards (or security service) make sure that none of the players violate the rules and punish violators. They can do this by cutting the account or blocking it completely.
  • Support service is designed to answer customers' questions and help them solve problems related to the use of the site, deposits, registrations in the office and other issues.
  • Lawyers make sure that the activities of the bookmaker complies with at least some legislation. The fact is that many modern companies are licensed in Curacao, the Isle of Man and other far away places where there are no special requirements. So they don't meet the requirements of many countries, but at least they have to report to some government.

Financiers - keep the books and are responsible for paying out winnings to the offices' customers.