Pros and cons of the Express Lending Express

Express Credit is a variety of consumer lending, but in contrast to it is issued for the purchase of any goods or services of the bank partner. This can be the purchase of household appliances, installing plastic windows and even the purchase of a tourist ticket. The amount of business funds received by express credit usually does not exceed 100 thousand rubles and are issued only in rubles, because the calculation for goods and services in the Russian Federation is carried out in rubles.

You can apply for an express credit directly in a trading organization with one of the bank employees or by contacting one of the bank offices. At the same time, some banks issue the entire amount required to make a purchase or in confirmation of the solvency of a potential borrower, put the conditions for paying for part of the goods or services from their own funds. This amount, as a rule, is from 10 to 50% of the purchase cost.

It becomes clear from the very name of this credit product that consideration of the application and issuance of a loan is carried out quickly. When drawing up on the territory of outlets, service centers and travel agencies, a loan issuing decision is made in a minimum of 15 minutes, in a maximum of an hour. When applying to the bank, the application is considered much longer and can be 3 days maximum. The main advantage of express credit is the minimum package of the documents provided.

It is necessary to have only two documents with you: a passport and the second any document confirming an identity (military ID, pension certificate, driver’s license, etc.). If there is a plastic card of the bank, in which it is supposed to receive a loan, it is also recommended to be attached to the passport. Some banks may also require a foreign passport, because the presence of foreign trips is accepted as the fact of the solvency of a potential borrower. Typically, the verification of creditworthiness is carried out through the scoring method - an automatic calculation of the totality of factors as a result of which a positive or negative result is issued.

The main disadvantages of express credit are a high loan rate, a short loan term and a small amount of money issued. When you open the slots section in Chilli Reels casino, you will find that it contains titles of almost every style and fashion. Hence, ardent slots lovers will find a significant scope of choice between classic games, video slots and exciting jackpot games. More games in sites . If you’re more into video slots, most of the titles in this section will be suitable for you! Among the best titles you can try out. The casino also has an impressive jackpot collection that offers massive prizes ranging from $250,000 to three million dollars.