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Mistakes on your resume

We all understand that a resume is an important document in the job search. Because the resume is a kind of a pass to the interview. It is very important not to make mistakes in the resume, which recruiters obviously will not turn a blind eye, because they occur very often.

The photo of the resume is not the format.

This suggests that the photo should not be in a selfie format. And it certainly shouldn’t be taken at a party or with friends. The best option is a portrait photo on a monochrome background. A photo from a photo studio is ideal.

The contact information is not substantive.

The contact information should have an email address and phone number where you can call and send a messenger message. It’s also worth including a Skype login here.

Key information is not an essay on a free subject.

If you put a block of key information in your resume, make it a selling point. 5-6 sentences about what position you are applying for and what you can give the employer in this position.

Work experience is watery and not specific.

Work experience should sell as much as possible. The main mistakes in the resume relate to this very block. So you don’t need to write your whole career path here. You don’t need to remember how you worked as a courier 20 years ago. Only those companies that will sell you on the target position. Work experience should be as specific as possible. What was done and what was accomplished, for each target experience.

Education – everything over a lifetime.

No need to specify what school and technical school you went to. Higher education is enough. If we talk about additional education, you should describe only the profile. There is no need to list dozens of trainings and courses. A couple of points of that training that will sell you on the target position. Otherwise, in the total number of these important courses and trainings can get lost altogether.

Additional information is nothing to write about.

You should not write that you are a confident PC user. Nowadays five-year-old children are already confident PC users, so the employer will not be surprised.

Length of CV – canvas

It’s simple here – up to three pages maximum. If you can make it shorter without losing content – do it. It’s important to understand that the recruiter is not able to proofread your 10 pages, even if you really want to.

Pay attention to these mistakes in your CV, and carefully edit your CV based on these tips or buy resume online. And let your resume be the most memorable of all the others lying on the recruiter’s desk.