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The Face Behind Lucy & Lentils

Lucy and lentils


Hi, I'm Lucy and this blog is my way of sharing my food journey, experimenting with delicious ingredients to learn how to cook. I am passionate about living a balanced lifestyle and love to learn new and exciting ways to make simple and affordable meals. I graduated last year in Interior Architecture and work full time so concentrate my recipes on being quick and easy to prepare taking the term 'fast food' and adding a healthy twist. 

Where It All Began 

For those of you who have found my website through my instagram account, it may seem as though I have always eaten well and had a balanced diet but it couldn't be further from the truth. Living on a diet that mainly consisted of pasta, toast, chocolate and cheese, I was trapped into a boring relationship with food, feeling unmotivated and uninspired. I used to live for cheesy chips after a night out with friends, and binge on pizza the next day to cure the hangover.

lucy and lentils Italy

My unhealthy lifestyle left me feeling lethargic each day, taking regular naps after lectures and losing concentration when working on projects. I found it difficult to stay focused at university, which affected my interest in my course, and I would quite often go back to my flat and series binge on Netflix like a couch potato. 

Moving back home at the beginning of my second year (due to a sorry case of funds in my bank) really helped me to be creative in the kitchen! With a pantry full of herbs and spices that I wasn't used to in my university kitchen, I was experimenting with new flavours and foods. When back in an environment where eating cheesy chips at 10pm seemed strange, I really noticed how bad my diet had become! Enough was enough, and I decided to really focus on building a healthy diet that would not only help me learn how to do simple things like cook an egg, but to really feed my body with nutritious food. 

Italy Lucy and lentils

My Inspiration

With influences from people like Deliciously Ella, Natasha Corrett and Madeleine Shaw I began experimenting with nutritious and fresh foods that didn't just look pretty but tasted amazing! My culinary skills to begin with were non existent but with practice ( and lots of kitchen fails)  it became an absolute passion of mine! 

With the healthy eating came a desire for a healthy lifestyle in all areas! I joined the gym thinking I would quit after a week however two years later I am completely addicted! I threw myself into 10k races, with my best friend and so the fitness journey began. I love challenging myself to run faster and further, lift heavier and do that one last push up, which is a fantastic feeling! I can't imagine going back to the lifestyle I had, feeling tired every day and constantly bloated, and replaced it with feeling energised and ready for the next challenge, whether that's a 10k race or completing a project at university. 

Finding an Escape With Cooking

I love cooking, and using fresh ingredients that taste delicious. Being in the kitchen is a stress reliever, a distraction and a therapeutic way of unwinding. The more I research about the benefits of good nutritious food, the more I want to try new things.

Take a look at some of my favourite kitchen creations so far.




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