Kallø Collaboration

Kallø are a fantastic company that really focus on nutritious and whole foods. After being drawn in by their gorgeous packaging, I decided to try a range of their rice and corn cakes, then their stock cubes and slowly fell in love with the brand Kallø! By chance they happened to stumble across my Instagram where I had been using their products to make breakfast and snack ideas. So to say thank you they sent me a huge batch of products to try! (So I fell in love with the company a little more) Go and take a look at this fantastic brand and try some of their delicious items, they will not disappoint I assure you! 

Here are some ideas I have to share with you...

Breakfast Stacks

You really can be diverse with the Korn Cake toppings, here are some of my suggestions:

Greek Yogurt & Fresh Figs 

  • Pour over a dollop of thick greek yogurt over a Kallø Corn cake
  • Slice a fresh fig and place the centre
  • Add a drizzle of honey and chia seeds

Low Fat Cream Cheese, Fresh Rocket & Black Olives

  • tbsp Cottage cheese on a Kallø Cake
  • Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper
  • Place the black olives on top and add a small handful of fresh rocket

Beetroot Houmous Carrot Twirls, & a Sprinkle of Sesame & Chia Seeds

  • Spread a low fat beetroot houmous over one of Kallø rice cakes
  • Using a spiralizer, create carrot noodles/twirls
  • Sprinkle a little pepper over the top
  • Add a dash of sesame and chia seeds