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Energy Boosting Overnight Oats

I once lived on breakfast cereals, being addicted to the sugar rush in the morning, and turning to it as a quick meal to get that 4pm fix. But gone are the days of processed foods after finding delicious and nutritious meals that not only please my sweet tooth but keep me going all morning!

Overnight oats are by far the easiest breakfast to make, all it takes is five minutes the night before, and a few seconds to sprinkle on fresh fruit in the morning. 

For all of the recipes, each one includes :

Portion: 1

Vegan, Dairy Free, Vegetarian

1/2 cup of Oats

1 Cup of Almond Milk

1 tsp Cinnamon

1tbsp Chia Seeds

Raspberry Oats Topped With Seeds & Pomegranate Seeds


For this bowl, I mashed 4 raspberries with the back of a fork then added the oats and milk & other ingredients to give a lovely pink and tart oats make the base. In the morning, I added fresh blueberries, more chia seeds, pumpkin seeds & pomegranate seeds. Add a drizzle of maple syrup to compliment the tartness of the raspberries if you have a sweet tooth.

Matcha Oats With Matcha Granola & Edible Flowers


Edible Flowers are a great investment, given they offer no nutritional value, who can deny they are just pretty to look at!

For this bowl, I added 1 heaped tsp of matcha powder to give it this fabulously bright green colour. Not only does it look pretty but it has 137x more antioxidants then a cup of green tea!


Raspberry & Cacao Oats With Matcha Granola & Strawberries


For Mornings where I'm really craving something sweet, I add fruit like strawberries, even though they are naturally high in sugar, it is far better then caving in to a bowl of coco pops....

For the oats, I mash up four raspberries and add 2 tsp of raw cacao. In the morning I add small chunks of 85% chocolate & pomegranate seeds for crunch, with the contrast to the sweet fresh strawberries.

Find the recipe for the matcha granola here.

Cinnamon Toasted Banana With Pumpkin Seeds & Dried Raspberries


If you like bananas, then this is a definite must! Toasting the banana in cinnamon, creates this intense flavour that not only gives you a sweet hit, but will give you energy throughout your morning!

Raspberries are delicious, however they go off very quickly, so I would recommend investing in dried raspberries. Not only do they look beautiful but give you a tang of the raspberry flavour, which compliments the banana really well!

I always add an extra tsp of cinnamon to the oats with this recipe, because cinnamon is such a fantastic way of natural sweetener. 

Grated Apple & Cinnamon Oats With Blueberry Compote 


Blueberries are a fantastic superfood, packed with antioxidants, they are really great to add to your diet. 

When heated, these make a delicious compote to add in the morning, to really give these oats a makeover.

All I do is heat 1/2 cup of blueberries in a pan with 1/2 tsp of coconut oil. 



Two Minute Toast Ideas (Which Are All Vegan Friendly!)

Toast will always have a place in my heart.... During my first year of university I survived on carbs however after starting discovering how fantastic food could be, I realised that Nutella on toast probably wasn't the most nutritious meal.

However it is a love affair that cannot be parted with, so instead of banishing toast, I swapped white bread for wholemeal, discovering gorgeous new ways of getting my fix. 

So here are my favourite ways of using simple ingredients to celebrate the wonder that is.... toast!


Sliced Avocado, Pomegranate Seeds, Moon Cut Cucumber & Sesame Seeds

IMG_0976What better way to start this off then the classic avocado on toast. It seems every health fanatic and food blogger is going mad for avocado but with good reason! Packed with healthy fats, this green bombshell is a great way to fill yourself up. By ditching sugary breakfasts, and replacing it for healthy fats, you will feel fuller longer and won't be craving a chocolate bar by 10am. I have ditched the cereals and try to make the most of nutritious food.

Baked Houmous On Rye Bread Topped With Asparagus & Tomatoes

For this, I lightly toast the rye bread first, then layer the houmous, asparagus and tomatoes with a sprinkle or oregano then place in an oven (180˚C) for around 6 minutes to bake the houmous. The flavour becomes more intense when baked, so definitely worth giving a try!

Homemade Chia Jam On Seeded Batch, With Sliced Figs, Crushed Pistachios & Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt 

I love using seasonal fruits, so around the end of summer/autumn figs are at their best! Paired with my homemade chia jam here and crunchy pistachios this is a perfect way to start your day. Full of natural sugars, it is bound to hit that sweet tooth and is far better then eating a bowl of coco pops (as addictive as they might be.)

Garlic Houmous On Wholemeal Slice, Topped With Fresh Rocket & Olives 

If you haven't noticed, I have a slight obsession with houmous. It's so versatile and can be filled with all sorts of flavours such as lemon, garlic, pepper & onion. In this image I had simply added olives, rocket and sesame seeds, so a very Greek feel about this dish!

Spiralized Courgette Noodles, In a Pesto Sauce, With Peas & Spinach With Dairy Free Cheese Sprinkled On Top

Every now and then I indulge in white bread, but only good quality, like ciabatta. So to stay with the Italian vibe of ciabatta, I spiralized 1 courgette, and sautéed in a pesto sauce, for around 3 minutes to heat, then adding fresh garden peas. 

It takes literally minutes to make, but gives you a plate of green goodness!

Homemade Chia Jam With Fresh Blueberries, Pomegranate Seeds, Chia Seeds & Dairy Free Yogurt


Most mornings I have a sweet tooth, so to try and stay away from cereal, I turn to my chia jam and get sugar from fruit like blueberries (which are actually really low in sugar) so some of the best berries to have. Dairy free yogurt is great, and can be found in most supermarkets. I use the coconut collaborative company. 

Houmous on Rye Toast, With Pomegranate Seeds, Sesame Seeds & Rocket 


I originally saw this idea on Jamie Oliver's Food Tube and at first thought, wondered what all the fuss was about. However after trying it, it is my favourite small lunch to go to when in a hurry. Houmous, pomegranate and rocket are always a staple in my kitchen as they taste so fantastic together. 


My Favourite Egg Appreciation Pictures To Get Those Taste Buds Tingling!

Eggs are my go to ingredient when I'm either stuck for ideas, or rushed for time. They are so versatile and take no time to prepare. Here are some of my favourite pictures that I hope will get your taste buds tingling, with really simple steps to make they are easy for anyone to recreate.

If you recreate any of these please share it via instagram and don't forget to tag me in it! 




Poached Egg With Sliced Avocado & Sunflower Seeds on Pumpkin Seed Slice


I love bread, especially seeded, and will always find it satisfying to celebrate it with the simplest of ingredients. The peppery rocket contrasts to the rich indulgent yolk, with the thinly sliced avocado between the two. This takes literally minutes to prepare, but is such a delicious light lunch.

Grilled Halloumi, Smashed Avocado, Poached Egg on Toasted Wholemeal Roll


Need something indulgent and hearty? This simple sandwich stack it the perfect balance with the salty grilled cheese, against the fresh a light avocado. I sprinkle crushed black pepper and fresh cress to complete this delicious-ness! Find the full recipe here.

Smashed Avocado, With Chilli Flakes & Cress


This is a fool proof breakfast, packed with protein, healthy fats and carbs from the Rye toast that will keep you fuelled for the morning. Try a savoury breakfast, full of healthy fats and see how it keeps you full all morning. The Chilli flakes add a little heat will kick your immune system and metabolism into shape first thing too!

Soft Boiled Egg With Asparagus Strips, Crumbled Feta & Black Pepper


Feta and asparagus go so well together so why not put an egg on it. Try to choose wholemeal bread to pair with this, as it is full of nutrients, isn't loaded with additives, not to mention is tastes delicious! 

Shakshuka, Baked Eggs in Tomato & Chilli Sauce, With Sliced Avocado & Greek Yogurt


I have only recently found shakshuka, and thank goodness as this is a revelation!! You needn't be an amazing cook, or even have a cupboard full of ingredients, just eggs, tomatoes and a few herbs. This is such an easy to follow recipe and creates a perfect, heart warming meal that can be enjoyed over brunch. Find the full recipe here.

Poached Egg With Crunchy Asparagus, Rocket, Sesame Seeds on Lightly Buttered Wholemeal Slice


Spring is just around the corner, so what better way to celebrate then with seasonal asparagus. Lightly buttered toast may be my favourite thing, even more then cake. Remember fats are good (however don't go rushing to the butter dish) but in moderation, fats keep you fuller for longer then sugar. 

Roasted Sweet Potato With Black beans, Sesame Seeds, Rocket, Topped With a Poached Egg


Some days, nothing better will do then a hearty stuffed potato. I add the black beans to the sweet potato and stick it back in the oven for five minutes, so they start to get a little crispy. The poached egg on top is dusted with poppy seeds. This is a super tasty meal with few ingredients.


My 5 Favourite Ways To Have Banana Pancakes

For my 5 favourite ways to have banana pancakes use this recipe to make the batch:


1 Ripe Banana

2 Organic Eggs

1/4 Cup of Oats

Pinch of Salt

1/2 tsp of Cinnamon

1 tbsp Coconut Oil (For Frying)





Topped with Chia Jam, Blueberries & Raspberries & Greek Yogurt

I love using berries such as raspberries and blueberries as they are lower in sugar then other fruits such as strawberries, keeping this breakfast nice and healthy. My homemade chia jam recipe (here) is also sugar free, with only a few tbsp of maple syrup, it is free from additives and unwanted processed foods. 

I also use full fat greek yogurt as it i lower in sugar then the 'fat free' ones.

Remember some fats are good! 



Raspberries, Walnuts & Dusted Sugar

For mornings where only sugar will do, I sprinkle over icing sugar and cinnamon for extra sweetness.

The crunch of the walnuts with the sharpness of the raspberries is delicious.



Fresh Blueberries, Figs, Yogurt & a Drizzle of Honey

When figs are in season, they are my favourite fruit. They taste amazing with sweet and savoury dishes and always look so decedent. Figs and honey are a perfect combination, especially when drizzled over fresh pancakes.



Seasonal Winter Fruits & Maple Syrup

When the autumn is rolling in, what better way to celebrate then using the last of you summer fruits like strawberries, and bringing in the season picking like blackberries. 

Dusted with cinnamon & maple syrup this dish fits perfectly with the change of seasons.



Figs & Coconut Yogurt

Using homemade chia jam, coconut yogurt and fresh fruits, this recipe is low on dairy products and celebrates natural sweetness from fruits.

I also sprinkle desiccated coconut on top for an extra kick.



Cacao & Walnut

For this recipe, i add 2 heaped tbsp of buckwheat flour, a pinch of baking powder & 1 heaped tbsp of cacao powder

This helps give it that lovely rich chocolate flavour and a more firm pancake shape.

I add walnuts, strawberries and blueberries for sweetness.

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The Start of Lucy & Lentils!

After a year of building an Instagram account full of my kitchen creations, I thought it time that I set up a website with all my recipes. I am terrible for recording what I put into dishes, as I'm usually experimenting with different flavours... so working through the ingredients for some of these was a little tedious, but none the less here they are!

I started my Instagram almost as a dare to myself, just really using it to be inspired by other fantastic accounts, but once I started to really enjoy creating delicious food with wholesome ingredients it became second nature to spend an afternoon in the kitchen thinking of ways to turn vegetables into desserts or how to make a caramel sauce without sugar.

I try to find a healthy alternative to my favourite foods, so when I'm craving a takeaway pizza, I can turn to my pitta pizzas instead, with far more nutritional value.

Please take a look at my recipes, and food combinations that will hopefully inspire you to try new ingredients, or eat a few more vegetarian meals a week. I still have a balanced diet, by that I mean I still eat chocolate and pizza, but try to keep that to a minimal and eat nutritious and fresh foods 80% of the time.